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What’s Involved in a Wet Room Conversion?



Are you thinking about changing your bathroom into a wet room, especially if you need it to be more accessible? If so, you'll love our latest blog where we will talk you through the process from start to finish.  

Initial Chat: What Do You Need?

It all starts with an initial chat. During our first conversations, our experts will ask about your requirements and situation, what your dreams are for your new bathroom, and any specific requirements you have for accessibility. At Bathroom Mobility Manchester, we’re here to listen and make sure you get the wet room that you’ve dreamed of. And unlike many showrooms, you’ll only ever deal with one person through the whole process – consider them your guide and go-to for any questions or ideas you might have.

Planning Your Space

Once we know what you want, we’ll start planning your space. This is where we measure up and figure out how to turn your current bathroom into a wet room that’s not just accessible but also looks amazing. We’ll talk about where everything should go, from your shower area to any grab rails you might need, to make sure it’s all perfect for you.

Choosing Your Style

This is the best part! You’ll choose what your new wet room will look like. And don’t worry, we’ve got some of the best brands on board, like Roca and Burlington, so your bathroom will look anything but ordinary. We believe in creating spaces that are accessible without sacrificing style, so we’ll help you pick out something that’s both beautiful and practical.

Getting Down to Work

Here’s where our skilled team comes in. Our tradespeople are experts at what they do, covering all aspects of the conversion – plumbing, tiling, you name it. Because they’re skilled in the full range of tasks, it means less waiting around for different contractors and a smoother overall process for you.

The Transformation

Turning your bathroom into a wet room involves a few key steps. We’ll start by waterproofing the space, making sure that everything is sealed and ready for showers. Then, we install a floor that’s both slip-resistant and flat, so there are no steps or ledges to worry about. After that, we fit all the fixtures, from showers that are easy to use to basins that are accessible for everyone.

Final Touches and Quality Check

Before we call it done, we do a thorough check to make sure everything’s just right. We’ll also walk you through how everything works and make sure you’re happy with how it all looks. And because we’ve been working together from the start, there should be no hidden surprises.

Ready to Enjoy

And just like that, your new wet room is ready to enjoy! But it doesn’t just end there. We’re always here if you have questions later on or need some advice. 

Let’s Get Started!

So are you feeling ready to take the leap and transform your bathroom into a wet room? Give us a shout. We’re excited to start this journey with you and create a space that’s not just accessible but also a joy to use every day. Remember, we’re all about making sure you get a bathroom that fits your life, without breaking the bank or compromising on design.

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