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Full Installation & Fitting Service

Installation and fitting handled by our experts

How Our Installation Service Works

At Bathroom Mobility Manchester, we are specialists in accessible bathrooms, baths and showers. We pride ourselves on following a proven process to meet your needs and style, to give you the bathroom of your dreams. Our specialist, experienced installers are highly skilled in providing an integrated approach, and for more complex requirements we have medical professionals on hand to help us better understand how to install all required components.

Once a full design specification and in-house survey has been agreed, you’ll be assigned a personal fitter, who will remain working on your project until completion. This helps for continuity, as well as your peace of mind; we understand the trust and respect necessary to work within a person’s home. We will complete all work ourselves, ensuring there are no additional jobs left outstanding, so you are able to enjoy your new bathroom immediately. For industry-specific work (such as certified electrics or plastering) we often work with trusted partners; but we will always manage the entire project, and remain your supplier.

white bath wood floor modern bathroom
modern bathroom with radiator toilet mirrored cupboard and blue tiles with a skylight window

Bathroom installations vary greatly in timescales, depening upon the scope of the project.

A Kinedo Enclosure installation can take as little as 36hrs, but on average a full bathroom installation will take around 10 days. A better indication of timescales will be provided during the assessment and pre-installation survey, and we will always endeavour to work around you.

Upon completion of the project, we will remove all waste and clean-down (we will also clean up and tidy daily). We will also guide you through how to use any specialist mobility features, to get the most out of your new bathroom, accessibility bath or shower. You can then enjoy your beautiful home, with full peace of mind.

Remote Home Assessment

We offer a flexible approach to home assessments, including by phone, video call or by providing images and videos. This allows us to personalise our initial assessment of your needs and style preferences. Please get in touch to book a remote home assessment, or to learn more about the process.

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