Disabled Bathrooms

Disabled bathrooms, designed to be accessible to all

At Bathroom Mobility Manchester, we are committed to providing a safe and dignified environment for anyone with a disability, mobility issue or limited flexibility. We install a wide range of disabled bathroom aids, modifications, baths, showers and wet rooms, to keep bathing within the home a pleasure for years to come.

Cleanliness and hygiene are important factors in maintaining health and well-being. And by ensuring a safe environment, we can assist in an individual’s independence and confidence while showering or bathing.

Our reliable team are here to discuss any physical and environmental requirements; and with healthcare professionals on-hand that we regularly work with, we’ll ensure your every need is met.

We follow an effective process to assess your needs,  It may be a simple change to an accessible bath, walk-in shower, installing a few carefully considered disabled bathroom aids, or a whole bathroom refit.


Style and Function

The simple pleasure of a relaxing bath is something we believe should be available for everyone, in the comfort of their own home. Our easy access baths and walk-in showers will reduce strain and exertion, and help increase peace of mind.

We specialise in installing beautifully designed bathrooms, adapted for mobility needs, and tailored to your individual requirements. Our aim is a “low-profile” effect, so that modifications are discrete and stylish.


Disabled Bathroom Wet Room
Disabled Bathroom hoisted bath

Disabled Showers & Wet Rooms

There are many mobility modification options to choose from when redesigning your disabled shower facilities. Walk-in, easy-access showers are a very popular option and can come with features such as level access (great for wheelchair users), shower seats and controls outside the wet floor area, as well as low-level, slip-resistant shower trays to protect against slippery and potentially dangerous floors.

In a typical standard bathroom consisting of a bath, toilet and sink suite, we can remove the existing bath space and replace it with an entry-level walk-in shower area. Or depending on the space and needs of the home-owners, we can modify the room into a full wet-room.


Disabled Baths

We’re passionate that accessible baths can still be beautiful and stylish. We carry a wide range of disabled bathing solutions, including walk-in baths, with additional features such as powered seats, grab rails, airspa, autofill and chromotherapy.


Disabled Bathroom Easy Access

Disabled Bathrooms

Let us take care of every detail to make sure your bathroom is easy to access for both individuals with disabilities, their families, care providers and health professionals. Thoughtful changes to a washbasin or toilet height, storage to keep surfaces clutter-free and the addition of stylish handrails can turn a traditional bathroom into a disabled bathroom. We use only leading suppliers of luxury disabled bathrooms, for a design-led finish to suit every taste.