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Walk In Baths & Accessible Baths

Our Walk In Baths combine luxury design without compromising on accessibility

Safe, easy walk in baths, luxuriously designed to complement every home.

Adapting your bathroom to meet your mobility needs no longer means compromising on the design you want. At Bathroom Mobility Manchester we are experts in seamlessly blending subtle mobility features with luxury bathroom designs to keep you safe and confident in your home, whether it’s with our walk in baths, walk in showers or wet rooms 

Our friendly and reliable team will assess your needs, your lifestyle and your home to make recommendations for bathroom modifications. It may be a simple change to an easy accessible bath, installing a few carefully considered bathroom mobility accessories, or a whole refit.


Style and substance

We’re passionate that having a walk in bath / accessible bath doesn’t mean compromising on style. We have decades of experience working with customers across the UK from all walks of life and want your home to bring you confidence and independence, while still reflecting your style.

We have many years of experience in designing the right look for your bathroom, alongside the correct modifications to suit your accessibility needs

A bathroom for everyone

Accessible baths have come a long way, and we have a range to suit every home environment. Following a remote home assessment we’ll consult with healthcare professionals where appropriate and conduct a home survey.

To ensure we achieve the style you want while meeting your mobility needs we offer a range of options: installing a traditional bath with adapted mobility features; selecting from our wide selection of high-end walk in baths; or removing the bath and installing a walk-in shower. This will always ultimately be your decision and we will strive to meet your every requirement.

Baths and more

As well as accessible bathing support, we can install a traditional bathroom, with discreet modifications. Our goal is to achieve a low-visual impact mobility bathroom, with subtle adjustments that make life easier while aesthetically pleasing. Our full range consists of much more than accessible bathroom fixtures, so we are able to install a modern, luxurious bathroom that appeals to everyone.

Thoughtful changes to washbasin height, storage to keep surfaces clutter-free and stylish  handrails can turn a traditional bathroom into an accessible one.

Walk In Baths Inspiration

From easy accessible baths, walk-in bathtubs, and baths with secure doors, to built-in showers and powered lowering seats, let us take care of every detail to make sure bathing continues to be a pleasure, for many years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Our range of accessible baths are specifically designed to provide an easier and safer bathing experience for people with disabilities or mobility issues. Features such as walk-in doors, grab bars, and built-in seating can make it much easier for individuals to use the bath on their own and maintain their own independence.

Yes. After we’ve discussed your requirements and carried out a home survey, our experts can talk you through the best options available for your bathroom. Most of our accessible baths come in a range of sizes and styles to suit different bathroom layouts and space requirements. Our professional advice and design services will ensure that the bath is the perfect fit for your bathroom.

A number of studies have shown that maintaining personal hygiene and the ability to bathe independently significantly improves the mental health and well-being of individuals with disabilities (source: BMC Geriatrics, 2021). Our range of walk in baths provide a safe and convenient solution for maintaining personal hygiene, promoting independence and enhancing the overall quality of life of our customers.

Yes, we offer a variety of customisable options for our accessible baths, including different door types, seat heights, and additional safety features.

First of all we always like to invite customers to visit our bathroom showroom in Manchester where we can get to know their requirements better and they can see the options available. The next stage is to carry out a full survey of the bathroom. Once you have made your choice our experienced team of professionals will handle the entire installation process to ensure a seamless and efficient installation with minimal disruption. Our customer service and attention to detail is what really sets us apart. Call 0161 768 5800 to speak to our team today.

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