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Roca Bathrooms and Suites

Stylish Bathrooms

Welcome to Bathroom Mobility Manchester, one of the leading suppliers and fitters of Roca bathrooms. If you’re loking for a bathroom that combines style with incredible quality, then Roca is the perfect choice. Widely regarded as leaders in bathroom spaces, Roca bathrooms are renowned for their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable design. From luxurious bathtubs to sleek, modern fixtures, Roca’s collections are crafted to transform your bathroom. Contact our team today for a FREE no-obligation quote.

white bath wood floor modern bathroom
modern bathroom with radiator toilet mirrored cupboard and blue tiles with a skylight window

Why Choose Roca? 

At Bathroom Mobility Manchester, we love Roca’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility and it shines through in their thoughtfully designed products. We understand the importance of a bathroom that caters to everyone’s needs. Roca’s range features innovative solutions that enhance mobility and safety without compromising on style. Their ergonomic designs include easy-to-use fixtures, anti-slip surfaces, and adjustable features, ensuring a comfortable and secure bathroom experience for all. With Roca, discover how functionality and elegance can coexist, making your bathroom a space of true comfort and independence.

Eco-Friendly Choices With Roca

Why not choose a greener lifestyle with Roca’s environmentally conscious bathroom solutions. As a responsible brand, Roca is committed to sustainability, offering products that reduce water and energy consumption. At Bathroom Mobility Manchester, we share this vision of a sustainable future. Roca’s eco-friendly range includes water-saving taps, energy-efficient showers, and recycled materials, all designed to lessen our environmental impact. By choosing Roca, you’re not just selecting a premium bathroom brand; you’re making a positive choice for the planet. Together, let’s create functional, stylish and sustainable bathrooms for a better tomorrow.

white bath wood floor modern bathroom

Remote Home Assessment

From easy accessible baths, walk-in bathtubs, and baths with secure doors, to built-in showers and powered lowering seats, let us take care of every detail to make sure bathing continues to be a pleasure, for many years to come. Book your remote home assessment today!

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