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Vermont Small Baths

Imagine the extra space you’d have in your bathroom if your bath was only half the size of a traditional design. Now imagine that perfectly proportioned small bath giving you water twice as deep. That’s the Vermont. A small jewel of a bath with side entry, an outwards opening door, easy access and the promise of a relaxing soak whenever you want. You could fit one almost anywhere.

Wide range of optional extras: Airspa, Autofill, Bristan Taps, Chromotherapy, Heated Seat and Wireless Sound System.

white bath wood floor modern bathroom
modern bathroom with radiator toilet mirrored cupboard and blue tiles with a skylight window


  • Half the size of an average bath with double the water, to save water
  • Low-level easy access
  • Slip-resistant seat and base
  • BioCote antimicrobial technology
  • Guaranteed lifetime leak-free seal
  • External locking with easy operation
  •  Left or right-hand hinged doors

Remote Home Assessment

We offer a flexible approach to home assessments, including by phone, video call or by providing images and videos. This allows us to personalise our initial assessment of your needs and style preferences. Please get in touch to book a remote home assessment, or to learn more about the process.

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